Filmmaker Bio

I’m originally from Pacific Grove, a small town in the Monterey Bay Area of CA, and have lived in San Francisco for 20+ years. As someone who loves Cinema and happens to be a 1st-generation A.B.C. (American-Born Chinese), I struggled with family career expectations and cultural stereotyping for some time before finally taking the plunge into Filmmaking.
Setting my sights on learning the craft, I began taking Filmmaking classes at City College of S.F.’s Cinema Dept. While there, I founded and ran a Film club, made some short films and in 1997, was nominated for an ‘Eddie’ in the American Cinema Editors’ (A.C.E.) Annual Student Editing Competition.
One of my shorts, “For Cereal Lovers Only,” has screened at several national & int’l film festivals. Also, I was the Assistant Editor on the Sundance/Sony Pictures Classics feature film “Haiku Tunnel” (2001 release). In 2003, three of my short films were broadcast on the local PBS series “video i.” Recently, some short films I have made and/or edited have screened at filmfests, including “Missing You?” and “The Cab Fare (Labor of Love).” “Missing You?”can also be found on IMDb along with “For Cereal Lovers Only.”
As a Narrative Filmmaker, I am interested in exploring Film’s ability to delve into the mystery of the human psyche/behavior and to draw insights from it. In particular, I admire the cinematic style of and the psychological suspense found in Hitchcock’s films and that of Welles, Kurosawa, Truffaut, Scorsese, David Lynch and Zhang Yimou. Some of my favorite films are Hitchcock’s Vertigo & Rear Window; Welles’ Touch of Evil; Truffaut’s Shoot the Piano Player; Zhang Yimou’s To Live, Raise the Red Lantern & Hero; and Lynch’s Mulholland Drive.
Currently, I’m seeking funding for a boldly unique and personal short film project, and am working on my 1st feature-length screenplay based on my mother’s soap-operatic early Life in pre-Communist era China.
And, of course, I love cereal.

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